Barbershop preview: The importance of literacy and adult education

Just how important is an education? Pretty important, Nicole Hicks will likely tell you.

She displays a copy of her G.E.D. certificate on a dresser in her room to remind her that with determination and tenacity, she can accomplish just about anything.

Hicks, 40, recently earned her G.E.D. after dropping out of high school decades ago. She dabbled with drug-dealing and had a few run-ins with the law, but she left that life behind to care for an adopted daughter, a niece and two nephews.

When Hicks's reading abilities prevented her from adequately helping her nieces and nephews with the homework they'd bring home, she set out to get her G.E.D.

Now that she's got it, she'll be taking classes at Triton College in the fall, and later plans to enter a four-year college.

Friday at the shop we'll be talking with Hicks, who we met through Front and Center--a series aired by our partners at WBEZ--about her life, and the importance of literacy and adult education.

We'll also be joined by Darrin Tillis, chair of the North Lawndale Community Action Council on Education.

And we'll also chat with Mark O'Hara, president of Anderson Pest Control Solutions, who will talk about the challenges of hiring Chicagoans with the requisite communication skills to do pest control, and how he hopes for and supports greater literacy in Chicago.

Check us out on 89.5 FM, or stream it live at on Friday at noon or hear a rebroadcast on Saturday at noon.

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