Signed Into Law: more parking difficulties for disabled people; less landfills for Cook County

At the end of each session in Springfield, a pile of bills that pass the legislature end up on Gov. Pat Quinn's desk awaiting his signature. We'll keep track of those that make it into law.

Disabled people will no longer get automatic parking meter fee exceptions - HB5624 will not only increase the fine for using a disabled license plate or parking decal by someone who is not disabled, but it also ends the full parking meter fee exception for individuals with disability placards. Instead, the requirements for a fee waiver will be tightened depending on "certain requirements" and whether or not an individual can easily operate or access a parking meter. Parking meter rates have been rising every year since former Mayor Daley first signed the much-maligned 75-year lease with a private company for control of the city's parking meters.

No more expanding landfills in Cook County - HB3881 will prevent new landfills from being built, and keep ones already existing from growing bigger, in Cook County. The website, in support of the bill, wrote that the waste industry was against the measure. Chicago has had a similar plan in place since 1983 - legislators hope expanding the ban to Cook County will minimize sprawling contamination from landfills. “Cook County is simply too densely populated to sustain additional landfill development without compromising the living conditions of our residents,” said Sen. Don Harmon, a sponsor of the bill.

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