Barber Shop Show preview: Police misconduct on Chicago's streets

Note: This week's regularly scheduled Barber Shop Show has been cancelled. In its place, we're re-airing a show from May about Angela Caputo's investigation, Abusing the Badge. We'll be live again next week from Carter's Barber Shop in North Lawndale.

There's a small, but costly, group of Chicago police officers working on the city's streets who have a problem--serious accusations of misconduct and not just a single offense.

No, these "repeaters," as they're called, are named in multiple misconduct lawsuits where the city paid out taxpayer dollars to settle their cases. How much? $11.7 million of the $45 million the city spent on misconduct settlements went to cases involving these repeat offenders.

This week on the Barber Shop Show, reporter Angela Caputo talks about her investigation into these rogue cops who seem to be operating with impunity. Her story, Abusing the Badge, found that eight of the ten officers that have been named in five or more cases are still on the payroll.

Stories about police abusing their power are common in Chicago's black and Latino neighborhoods. Have you experienced violence or unethical behavior at the hands of CPD? Tell us about it.

Should these officers be allowed to roam the streets, unpunished? Do these cases and allegations of misconduct happen more often than we think?

Tune in the Barber Shop Show at noon on Vocalo, 89.5 FM to hear Angela and our guests talk about this important investigation.

If you want to know which officers are committing repeat offenses, check out Angela's blog post which lists their names and settlement amounts, or read her entire story at the Chicago Reporter.

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