Video: Barber Shop Show review - how will a teachers' strike affect Chicago?

On last Friday's Barber Shop Show, our weekly radio show live from North Lawndale, we talked with WBEZ reporters Lynette Kalsnes and Odette Yousef about this month's local news - the stories we liked, disliked and those that made us wonder "WTF?!".

But there's never enough time in just one hour to get to every story on our list. What got left out? Odette Yousef tells us one story that caught her eye. Take a look:

We do a local news roundup show every month, so as you peruse the news in the coming weeks, note the ones you'd like to have a conversation about.

Tell us what you like, dislike or what news is so crazy it just needs to be talked about. Come into the shop to discuss it with us, or call us at 888-635-1112 to leave a message that we'll play live on air.

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