Multimedia: One undocumented man's struggle for a new kidney

"One vida" - One life, says the bracelet Jorge Mariscal wears as he gets dialysis.

The 24-year-old has only one kidney, and for the last seven years the procedure has helped keep him alive. Until recently, his prognosis was grim because as an undocumented immigrant he's ineligible to be placed on the organ transplant list.

Now there's hope.

Wednesday, Mariscal was put on the transplant list at Loyola Medical Center.

This followed a decision Monday by UIC Medical Center to put Lorenzo Arroyo on its transplant list.

The plight of both men sparked a hunger strike over the past several weeks, which included Arroyo himself and Mariscal's mother, to raise awareness of what the strikers and their supporters believe is health care discrimination against the undocumented sick.

"We're talking about everyone's who's uninsured," said Mariscal, "and gets denied a second chance at life."

Meet Jorge Mariscal.

(Multimedia by Lucio Villa)

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