Barber Shop Show Preview: Junk food blues - what to do?

Barber Shop Show Preview: Junk food blues - what to do?

In the fight against childhood obesity, should the food choices our kids have be limited?

That's just one of the topics we'll take up in this week's mid-month mashup on the Barber Shop Show, our hour-long radio program on Vocalo 89.5 FM starting at noon every Friday.

We'll be joined by Lynette Kalsnes and Odette Yousef of WBEZ, and they'll tell us their news #likes, #dislikes and #WTFs.

Odette's likes? Two caught her eye, both having to do with junk food. One was the Walt Disney Co.'s commitment to ban junk food ads on its child-centered TV and radio stations plus its Web sites by 2015.

The other was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's move to ban the sale big sugary drinks--high-calorie beverages that are more than 16 ounces.

Did you like those stories too? Reactions around the web have been mixed.

Most of the comments on Twitter praised Disney's move, but @MichaelWHubbard called for more action on the ground:

"I applauded Disney for disallowing junk food ads. Being in their park though--come on. They could cure obesity if they just said no."

The New York big soda ban wasn't so popular. When Michelle Obama praised it, @leopercer dissed them both.

"Michelle Obama praises the socialist decision of NYC to ban sodas of a certain size. Can you fire First Ladies too?"

"Bloomberg is out of control," said @MarioEMelendez

What are your thoughts on these two junk food initiatives?

And what other news topics did you like or dislike this month? How about the ones that made you exclaim WTF?!?

Tell us here and we'll read your comments live on air, or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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