Who's 'abusing the badge'?'

Police accountability advocates and attorneys representing the City of Chicago have been going back and forth for years over whether the names of police officer fingered by civilians for misconduct should be made public. For now, they remain under wraps. But in our latest investigation, "Abusing the Badge," we took a backdoor approach to find out who the officers are behind police misconduct lawsuits.

We fished through hundreds of federal civil rights lawsuits for which the city made damage payments during the past three years. It turns out that more than a quarter of the payouts--that's $11.7 million of $45.5 million--involve "repeaters," or officers who were named as a primary defendant in two or more settlements. Roughly a third of this small group, which accounts for 1 percent of the police force, was named in five or more police misconduct suits during the past decade. Eight in 10 of the officers are still on the police department's payroll. Looking for names, allegations and payouts? Here they are:

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