The Chicago Reporter up for several top honors at Friday's Lisagor Awards

The Chicago Reporter, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2012, has been nominated for a number of top honors in the 35th annual Peter Lisagor Awards for Exemplary Journalism.

Founded by the Chicago Headline Club in 1977, these awards recognize the best of the city's journalism and also serve to inspire journalists to follow Lisagor's contribution to journalism and Chicago.

The awards ceremony is Friday, May 4.

Here's some of the exemplary work from 2011 for which the Reporter has been nominated:

In-Depth Reporting

  • Without a Smoking Gun, Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly, Phil Jacobson, Samantha Winslow.

    Illinois is looking to crack down on gun crimes by sending more 15- and 16-year-olds into adult court. But a Chicago Reporter investigation raises questions over whether the youth headed to lockup are the hardened criminals politicians intended to put away.

  • The Allure of Secure, Maria Ines Zamudio, Rui Kaneya and Crystal Vance Guerra.

    Secure Communities is a federal immigration initiative designed to find and deport dangerous criminals. But, in reality, the program ensnares many immigrants with no criminal charge or conviction.

  • Despair over Disrepair, Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly and Samantha Winslow.

    Lenders who owe the city fees for failing to register vacant properties are still getting city business.

  • Out at First, Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly, Dylan Cinti and Alexis Pope.

    If a CHA resident is arrested one time, the tenant is sent to eviction court. But a Chicago Reporter analysis found that the policy separates families and ousts some who were never convicted of breaking the law.

Business Reporting

  • Loopholes, Angela Caputo, Kimbriell Kelly, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein and Louis McGill.

    Nearly $1 billion has been spent in the name of reversing blight in the Loop. But Chicagoans are still losing their jobs.

  • Empty Jackpot, Megan Cottrell, Rui Kaneya, Samuel Charles, Dylan Cinti, Caitlin Huston and Alexis Pope.

    Illinois celebrates its program to steer state contracts to businesses owned by minorities, women and people with a disability. But a closer look shows the state may not be fulfilling its goals.


Public Affairs Programming (Radio)

  • “One Strike, and You Could be Out”, Kimbriell Kelly, Alden Loury, Sarah Lu, Angela Caputo, Nick van der Kolk and Lucy Hall.

The Reporter is also up for a number of other awards, including for multimedia collaboration and photography for The Allure of Secure.

The Reporter was also nominated for photography awards honoring Joe Gallo and Jason Reblando for the series Secure Communities and Child Sex Offenders.

Plus, the Reporter's presentation editor, Christine Wachter, was nominated for several design and graphics awards.

Check all the 2011 nominees for the Lisagor Awards.

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