Barber Show Show review: Chicago talks about police misconduct

Barber Show Show review: Chicago talks about police misconduct

Ever been roughed up by a cop? Been the victim of an illegal search or a false arrest? Chicago spends millions each year settling cases where victims allege the police have abused their power. That's what we talked about on Friday at Carter's Barber Shop with reporter Angela Caputo and director of Chicago's Independent Police Review Authority, Ilana Rosenzweig.

Caputo and Barber Shop host Kimbriell Kelly questioned Rosenzweig about the low rate of cases that are "sustained" by the authority--that is, found to have merit. Of all the cases that Caputo reviewed between January 2009 and November 2011, only 1 percent were sustained. Rosenzweig explained that another 30 percent of those case are still open, and open cases are quite likely to also be sustained.

But one problem with proving allegations is that it's often a victim's word against the officer they've accused. The IPRA needs corroborating witnesses to help them move forward with complaints.

What can the public do to help the IPRA do its job? Caputo asked Rosenzweig in this off-air video:

For more on police misconduct in Chicago, read Caputo's entire investigation Abusing the Badge in the May issue of the Chicago Reporter. If you missed Friday's show, you can catch the podcast on, available for download by Tuesday.


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