What's up this week: Rahm wants alderman to 'trust' him; investigation into state Rep. Smith continues

Here's a preview of what's happening on the political front this week:

A special city council meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 24. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's $1.7 billion infrastructure trust will be up for a vote--again. Last week, two mayoral allies prevented the measure from going up for a vote, out of fear that opponents of the trust would use a parliamentary procedure to stall the vote until at least the next regularly scheduled meeting. The details of the infrastructure trust are still pretty murky, but the basic idea is that public infrastructure would be funded, initially, through private investment. Alderman are concerned about transparency, limited aldermanic control of projects, and about the possibility of "user fees" to pay for projects. Regardless, Emanuel reportedly has the 26 votes he needs to get the measure passed.

A House committee investigating the alleged bribery charge against 10th District state Rep. Derrick Smith will re-convene on Monday, April 23. The bi-partisan committee held off meeting after Smith was indicted earlier this month. Now it is reviewing a response for request from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor in the case. The committee is considering whether to punish the West Side Democrat for allegedly taking a $7,000 bribe.

The General Assembly is in session for another week, from Tuesday through Thursday.

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  • Rahm is a dictator! Dumb alderman. I wonder if the alderman like being held by the balls!

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