Mental health clinic closures begin Monday

On Monday, the first round of mental health center closures hit Rogers Park and Logan Square.

Northwest MHC and Northtown Rogers Park MHC will be the first of six planned mental health center to shut over the next week.

Under the city's budget passed in November, the mental health clinics are the latest public service casualties, say critics.

A report called "Dumping Responsibility," by the Mental Health Movement, a coalition of groups including Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP): "It will be particularly difficult for uninsured individuals to find services, since private providers are already struggling with shrinking budgets due to cutbacks in state funding."

On April 30th, after the dust has settled and all six of the clinics are closed, Chicago will have half as many mental health facilities as it did previously.

Two-thirds of the clinics being closed are on the South Side, while two are in mixed-income neighborhoods. The need for services is similarly divided: of the 5,300 residents served by the clinics, according to the report, 61 percent are African American and 17 percent are Latino.

"At a time of great unmet need closing mental health clinics is wrong from both an economic and humane point of view," said the report.

Check out a map of the centers closing around the city here:

View Mental Health Clinic Closures in Chicago in a larger map


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