Guzzardi wants recount in race against 'Machine' candidate Berrios

Guzzardi wants recount in race against 'Machine' candidate Berrios

Will Guzzardi's camp broke two weeks of silence in the 39th District state rep primary Monday morning by announcing that it wanted the March 20 ballots recounted.

The Chicago Board of Elections' current tally has Guzzardi trailing incumbent Toni Berrios by 125 votes.

Guzzardi is asking for a discovery recount in 21 precincts in the Northwest Side district.

Under Illinois law, a candidate who comes within 5 percent of his or her opponent can ask for a recount of up to 25 percent of the precincts at the price of $10 per precinct.

Guzzardi said his campaign coffers will fund the recount.

A press release sent out by Guzzardi's campaign Monday morning says its staff "received numerous reports of possible indiscretion or inconsistencies at polling places on Election Day and during early voting."

The "indiscretion" and "inconsistencies" occurred in "Machine" precincts--areas that supported the incumbent Berrios, daughter of the powerful party boss Joe Berrios--Guzzardi's campaign manager, Rebecca Reynolds, said in the press release.

When asked to elaborate on alleged "irregularities" at polling places--another allusion to Machine politics, in the press release--Guzzardi told The Chicago Reporter that he heard reports that Berrios' campaign workers were handling materials at polling places, in violation of election law.

Berrios could not be immediately reached for comment.

Guzzardi, a former journalist, ran as a reformist candidate and was highly critical of Berrios, whom he likened to a cog in the state's Democratic machine.

Berrios has said next to nothing about Guzzardi. But a few weeks ago, Scott Cisek, who works for Joe Berrios' Cook County Democrats--a less-than progressive outfit--touted Berrios' "progressive" qualities as a "pro-choice, pro-LGBT ... Latina."

He called Guzzardi a "rich, white" candidate "from out of town."

Guzzardi attended Brown University in Rhode Island before moving to Chicago.

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