Watch here: Barbershop Show on how remapping Chicago wards changes our political landscape

Have you ever wondered what it would like to have a front-row seat at the Barbershop show? Radio is great, but sometimes you miss the arched eyebrows and sideways glances that come with some of the controversial topics that The Chicago Reporter discusses.

Check out the videos below for a front-row seat on the show about the recent ward remapping.

Kimbriell Kelly, Richard Steele, Huffington Post blogger Kyle Hillman, Extra! reporter Evan Moore and Suzanne McBride with AustinTalks sound off on the ward changes:

Next, the show looks at what the best and worst stories of the week were: teaching math with slavery, Attorney General Lisa Madigan suing Westwood College and mean pitbulls giving a bad reputation to the nice ones:

Part three of the show looks at what made the assembled reporters and editors go WTF, including sleep texting and people with nails in their brain.

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