RACE and racist language

RACE is a contentious, inflammatory topic that can make for an awkward dinner conversation.

But Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet didn't shy away from the hot-button topic in his play, RACE, which delves into the racial dynamic between two high-profile lawyers–one black, one white–as they defend a wealthy white client who is accused of raping an African American woman.

Last week at the Barbershop Show, The Chicago Reporter asked RACE cast members Tamberla Perry and Geoffrey Owens about the difficulties of using racial (some might say racist) language in the play. Click through to watch their answers:

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  • Discussion about race at the dinner table is only inflammatory if those who see skin color first, last and always are leading the conversation, instead of those who see people and their character seated across.

    As far as "race" goes, there is the human race. Period.

  • I think Richard is on to something...

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