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As black history month 2012 begins, black women and reproductive rights again in the spotlight

As black history month 2012 begins, black women and reproductive rights again in the spotlight
February is Black History Month, and this year, its focus is Black Women in American Culture. But some conservative legislators seem to have missed the message: Instead of celebrating the achievements of women like Michelle Alexander, author of the ground-breaking “The New Jim Crow,” they’re yet again discussing legislation to stem the apparent tide of... Read more »

The end of the segregated century?

Last week, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research created a buzz when it released a report that suggests that Chicago–along with communities across the nation–is less segregated today than it was a decade ago. While “Ghetto neighborhoods persist,” the conservative think-tank wrote, “most are in decline.” When I drive through the Near North Side, it... Read more »

Immigrant children detained by feds are lost in the system, lawsuit alleges

When you’re a child, one of the scariest things that could happen is being separated from your parents, even in a familiar place like the local supermarket or the mall. For most of us who have experienced feeling lost, this was only a momentary scare. But for thousands of immigrant children lost in the system,... Read more »

Secure Communities deporting noncriminal immigrants 'a feature, not a flaw' says report

Despite months of protestations to the contrary, a recent report finds that the Secure Communities program continues to deport immigrants with traffic offenses, or even people who were victims of crime, despite its stated goal to focus only on serious criminals. A report by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at the University of California at Irvine’s... Read more »

Watch here: Barbershop Show on how remapping Chicago wards changes our political landscape

Have you ever wondered what it would like to have a front-row seat at the Barbershop show? Radio is great, but sometimes you miss the arched eyebrows and sideways glances that come with some of the controversial topics that The Chicago Reporter discusses. Check out the videos below for a front-row seat on the show... Read more »

Elections 2012: The week in review

What’s making headlines on Elections 2012, on Chicago Muckrakers weekly. On Wednesday, Gov. Pat Quinn delivered a state of the state address in which he focused mostly on job creation and the state’s ailing economy. Quinn suggested a higher tax credit for businesses that hire returning veterans and an abolishment of the natural utility tax.... Read more »

Landek stumbles in attempt to reach out to Latinos in new Senate district

Like several state and federal pols mounting re-election bids this year, 11th District state Sen. Steve Landek will run in a new district, which means new constituents. Landek, who is also the mayor of Bridgeview, has been in the Illinois Senate for less than two years–In 2010, he was appointed to replace the retiring 11th... Read more »

Race and poverty round-up: tribute to the Soul Train, presidential ignorance and Freddie Mac's conflict of interest

What’s moving in the world of race and poverty, on Chicago Muckrakers weekly. Don Cornelius, the smooth-voiced creator of the iconic Soul Train was found dead at his home on Wednesday, setting off a stream of rememberances and nostalgia. A group of Chicagoans remembered his legacy in Wicker Park by dancing the Soul Train. Republican... Read more »

How segregated is this city? Chicago speaks

A recent study of segregation in Chicago by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, based on census data, found that while Chicago still has the dubious honor of being the most segregated major city in America, it also experienced one of the sharpest declines in spacial segregation. What do you think? We asked some Chicagoans... Read more »

Alonso Zaragoza in for fight of his life running for 31st Ward committeeman against Joe Berrios

Alonso Zaragoza in for fight of his life running for 31st Ward committeeman against Joe Berrios
Joe Berrios and Alonso Zaragoza have a few things in common. Both are graduates of Lane Tech High School, and they each received degrees in accounting from the University of Illinois. Both also live in the Belmont-Cragin area, and until March 20, they’ll be vying for the 31st Ward committeeman’s post. The similarities pretty much... Read more »