How segregated is this city? Chicago speaks

A recent study of segregation in Chicago by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, based on census data, found that while Chicago still has the dubious honor of being the most segregated major city in America, it also experienced one of the sharpest declines in spacial segregation.

What do you think? We asked some Chicagoans their thoughts below, but we want to hear your answers in the comment sections too.

Monique Cooper, 28, lives in Chicago's majority-black Austin neighborhood.

Ivan Perez, 41, is an activist with the Metropolitan Chicago Syndo Antiracism Team. He grew up in the mostly Puerto Rican Humboldt Park, but he now lives in the Mayfair community on the North Side.

Jim Thomas, 65, doesn't live in Chicago anymore, but he did grow up here. Thomas was born on 68th and Peoria streets.

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  • Nice ! and nice meet you on the show . I was on a few weeks ago on the ward remapping show.

  • I just wonder why we let the politicians and activists and advocates sharpen the race knife and keep this city this way, as I wrote about earlier.

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