No heat, no hot water for residents of Lakeview high-rise

No heat, no hot water for residents of Lakeview high-rise

No heat, no hot water and carbon monoxide build-ups are just the latest problems affecting hundreds of residents in a building owned by Lakeview Associates. The high-rise in the tony neighborhood got its five minutes of fame last week when an NBC article reported that residents were expected to go without amenities for up to two weeks after a blocked chimney led to carbon monoxide build-up in the building.

A letter from the company’s management to the disgruntled residents offered them the chance to deduct the cost of an electric heater from their rent, if the heater was under $100, reported the NBC article. But the electricity costs of using a space heater weren’t accounted for and could be an extra financial drain for low-income residents.

In this case, the media furor over the condition in the Lakeview high-rise led a Cook County Circuit judge to order the management company to install a temporary chimney and restore services by Monday.

Angela Caputo contributed reporting.

Clarification, Feb. 10, 2012: In the original story, the Lakeview Associates property was mistakenly identified as project-based Section 8 building with sliding inspection scores. However, the subsidized building was in fact across the street, at 2757 N. Pine Grove Ave.

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