The Chicago Reporter partners with NBC 5

The Chicago Reporter partners with NBC 5
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Can’t get enough of The Chicago Reporter?  Do you hate waiting to read the latest investigative stories?

A new partnership will provide more investigative stories, with the Reporter’s signature data analysis, for a bigger audience.

The Reporter will join forces with the WMAQ, an NBC affiliate, to create hard-hitting investigative stories on social and economic issues.

The Chicago Reporter is looking forward to combining our 40 years of investigative reporting and analysis around race and poverty with the heft of the investigative staff at NBC,” said Kimbriell Kelly, editor and interim publisher of the Reporter. “As newsrooms cut back on resources, it’s refreshing that NBC/Comcast has remained committed to expanding its capacity through strategic community partnerships.”

NBC stations in another three cities announced similar partnerships on Tuesday. Other partnerships with nonprofit news media outlets include the partnership with Pulitzer Prize winner ProPublica in New York.

“NBC Owned Television Stations have entered into agreements to create new and innovative cooperative news gathering and reporting arrangements with locally-focused, nonprofit news organizations in four of the markets it serves,” according to the announcement.

NBC station in Los Angeles partnered with Southern California Public Radio’s flagship station, KPCC. In Philadelphia, NBC partnered with WHYY.

The partnership is part of a trend toward content sharing throughout the media industry as operations try to trim the high cost that comes with producing stories on their own, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The New York Times, for example, has expanded its editions in Chicago, San Francisco and other locations via publishing partnerships with nonprofit news outlets. In Chicago, The New York Times gets local stories from the Chicago News Cooperative, while in the San Francisco area the newspaper features content from the Bay Citizen. Both of the Times partners are nonprofit, Web-based news start-ups, according to the L.A. Times.


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