Three years since Obama took office. How is he doing?

Three years since Obama took office. How is he doing?

When President Barack Obama was elected just three years and a few days ago, two-thirds of Americans had confidence that he would be a good president. Today? Only 45 percent approve of the job he's doing.

You might chalk public opinion up to a number of factors. The economy's still in the toilet. The health care reform bill passed but is facing serious legal challenges; meanwhile, most of the benefits have yet to kick in. And while troop numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan are decreasing, nobody seems too optimistic that peace will reign.

For some, Obama has been too liberal. For others, he's not liberal enough. Still others are just disappointed that the grand changes they hoped for haven't come to pass, and "politics as usual" remains.

This week on The Barbershop Show, we're reflecting on how America's first black president has performed during his first three years in office. We want to hear from you.

How has this president disappointed you?

How has he surprised you?

How has race played a role in his presidency?

What do you hope he'll be able to accomplish for the next year?

And what are his chances at a second term?

Everyday, we hear political pundits and so-called experts telling us what we should think about our president. Now it's your turn to chime in. Comment on this post, and we'll read it live on Friday's show. Pass this on to your friends and family. Share it on twitter and facebook.

By Friday, we'd like opinions from everyone--Republicans, Democrats, Independents, folks from the South, West and North sides too. Whether you voted for Obama in 2008 or not, tell us what you think.

Photo credit: Zbigniew Bzda, Chicago Tribune

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