Chicago to Emanuel: "Create a borderless city"

Newly-inaugurated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pledged to make the city's streets safer, improve schools and help create new jobs on the campaign trail. Yesterday, thousands of Chicagoans came out to see him sworn into office. We caught up with a few folks to hear what they expect of the new mayor. Among them was Rafhael who called on Emanuel to create a borderless city. "There should be no borders, no boundaries," the North Lawndale native said. "No black neighborhood. No white neighborhood. People should be able to go wherever they want to be." Check out his response and the responses of others:

-- Caitlin Huston, Dylan Cinti, Alexis Pope


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  • It's not "borders" per se, it's rent & condo prices.

    It's not black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods, it's neighborhoods where rent is $500 for a studio, and neighborhoods where rent is $1200 for a studio.

    This is bigger than one mayor of one American city. It's global economic policy.

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