Will the next mayor of Chicago be Latino? Or black?

Will the next mayor of Chicago be Latino? Or black?

Some say race doesn't matter, that what's important are the issues: reducing crime, improving schools, creating jobs. If that's the case, then all is well.

But there is one color that can make a big difference: green as in greenbacks. And, statistically speaking, Chicago's next mayor will most likely be white if the decision comes down to money.

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Based on a visual assessment of prospective candidates, we put together a database at The Chicago Reporter based off of Progress Illinois' mayoral race tracker.

What really separates prospective candidates is cash. When it comes to cash on hand, prospective white candidates have more than seven-to-one on prospective black candidates. When compared to prospective Latino candidates, prospective white candidates have more than a 14-to-one ratio in campaign contributions.

Among all of the 38 prospective candidates, whites have 83 percent of all the cash.



Skewing the numbers for prospective white candidates is Lisa Madigan, in the lead with $4.43 million (though the rumor is that she's not actually going to run), Ed Burke with $4.42 million and Rahm Emanuel with $1.2 million. Dan Hynes and Bridget Gainer round out the bottom with roughly $17,090.73 and $6,342, respectively.

Part of the problem with the prospective black candidates is that the most anyone has is $801,800.97, and that's Emil Jones, Jr. Campaign documents show former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun to be in the hole by $262,358.

Among prospective Latino candidates, the most anyone has on hand is a half-million. That's Congressman Luis Gutierrez with $522,398. Bringing the average down is Frank Avila, with a meager $315.93.

Overall, the median cash among prospective white candidates is about $230,000, compared to $77,233 for prospective black candidates and $19,146 for prospective Latino candidates, according to our analysis.

Money doesn't always swing a campaign, but it certainly helps. And here in Chicago, the people who have most of it aren't black or brown.

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  • Remember there is not a finite amount of money here. Obama won with big party money.We've got to remember if you want on the big stage you gotta cough up. You can't cry poor mouth forever. What has happened here is the fact that the average tax payer can not afford to get in any race. But you can combine forces but that means someone has to get in the back seat and who will do that? We lack leadership here and the same OLD names just never go away.You have to put a fresh face in first before anything can change.It all starts with the first $5 donation. Get involved folks....

  • It's funny that with all the talk about immigration reform and how important the Latino voter base is, that the Latino candidates are so poorly funded. Take out Gutierrez and they don't have a you-know-what to go to the restroom in!

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