News Roundup: Real friends scarce for kids in violent neighborhoods

Children in violent Chicago neighborhoods are increasingly wary of friendships, according to a University of Chicago study. The study shows that these children are intensely testing the loyalties of their potential friends and doing background checks before letting anyone get close. The pre-teen years are typically when youth learn how make friends, and growing up guarded and distrustful could make forming relationships more difficult as adults, some say.

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Also in the news:

  • A recent report from the Illinois comptroller shows that the budget deficit could get worse before it gets better. Next year's budget may have a $15 billion hole, $2 billion more than the current deficit.
  • The state's budget crunch may be contributing to the pessimism among Chicago business owners to hire workers. Of the Chicago businesses surveyed, 13 percent said they planned to hire more in the next six months, compared to 22 percent nationally.
  • Illinois has been ranked by the Urban Institute to be the worst state in the nation for delaying payments to human services providers. State payments to 72 percent of Illinois nonprofit organizations are delayed. This is 31 percent higher than the rest of the U.S.
  • The Nobel Prize for Economics is going to Northwestern professor Dale Mortensen and two others for their analysis of the obstacles that keep buyers and sellers from efficiently pairing up in markets.

--Compiled by Louis McGill

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