More federal foreclosure aid coming to Illinois

Illinois will receive another $30 million in foreclosure relief under the federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Act. Of that, $7.8 million will go to Cook County. Local governments can use the funds to buy up and fix up vacant properties that bring down properties values and cause problems in communities.

Also in the news...

  • Unemployment has gone up for seniors during the recession, and hit older minorities the hardest. A new study shows that when people of color reach retirement age they depend more on social security, particularly in this recession.
  • A national Islamic advocacy group filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Illinois State Police for firing a Muslim chaplain. The group is campaigning for religious tolerance and attempting to stem the tide of anti-Muslim activity in the U.S. surrounding the Islamic cultural center to be built in New York City. 
  • Black aldermen discuss potential mayoral candidates.
  • President Barack Obama was in the Midwest pushing to end tax breaks for the wealthy, while protecting America's middle class.
  • Unemployment claims dropped this week to the lowest in two months.

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