Guess who's running for mayor?

With so many people putting their names in the hat to be the next Chicago mayor, it's hard to keep them all straight. Take a look at the potential candidates - who's in, who's out and who's just a rumor - in our photo gallery.

Also, check out Progress Illinois' great database of mayoral candidates.

(originally published 9/13/2010 at 12:05 p.m.) 


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  • Excellent primer for the upcoming election!

  • I would like to see someone who is really qualified to be an executive. NOT another loser politician that will continue to sell assets to pay for pet projects for their friends. End this culture of corruption once and for all!

  • In reply to newchapter:

    Ok, I get it. But if not these folks, then who? Name at least five folks that you think would do a better job?

  • None of the above?

  • In reply to GavilanSalvaje:

    Same challenge, who'd you recommend? Perhaps you'll stoke the fire for someone who'd never considered a run. You never know.

  • In reply to GavilanSalvaje:

    why not Alderman Allen? Alderman from the 32nd ward? 2nd ward alderman? Tell all the full time trough feeders to go away.Most already have a spot that they feed at but aren't in the limelight enough.Most will play the same old tune,I'll take care of this and that but can't deliver.How about taking the streets back.Most aldermen and women are ghosts anyway that's why no one can come up with names.I can almost here the shreaks of promises blasting over the radio now.

  • In reply to GavilanSalvaje:

    Just saw the list above ,sorry.I believe in the youth of Chicago,Step up ms.Kelly, surely the ambitions are not wasted on the professional pols. This will be a very tough job and one not to be envied either.Many communities are looking for leadership and I am afraid that they will be looking under the same old rocks.

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