Shore Bank fails, and a vacuum in lending is left behind in low-income communities

Shore Bank customers talk about the significance of loans they used to rehab houses and revitalize low-income areas, loans that they would not be eligible for at an ordinary bank. Now that Shore Bank has gone under, they worry what type of economic investment will be available in already struggling Chicago neighborhoods hit hard by the recession.

Massive egg recall reveals more than just salmonella contamination. The Iowa agribusiness giant that is now recalling more than 380 million eggs was found guilty of sweatshop conditions for workers and unsafe, unsanitary practices, says former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

A fiscal watchdog group says the Chicago Public Schools' planned cuts may balance the budget but fail to address structural funding shortages.

In July alone, the Federal government saw more than 10,000 aid applications from Illinois for disaster relief from floods this summer.

Should Chicago's education system be the model for the county? Critics argue school closures, underperforming charter schools and a flawed merit-based pay system show Chicago's business model for education should not be repeated.

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