Fired exec says Fannie Mae helped itself, not homeowners

A former Fannie Mae executive alleges that the home loan agency focused on making money for itself, and not providing enough help for homeowners facing foreclosure.


  • The U.S. Senate approved school funding and aid to state budgets at the expense of food stamp programs.
  • While visiting a Ford plan on Chicago 's South Side Aug. 5, President
    Barack Obama touted how the auto industry bailout saved the economy.
    However, the plant's new union hires will be earning less than half of
    what they're coworkers have earned.
  • Local social justice groups and politicians are increasing pressure
    to shut down or reduce emissions from coal burning plants on Chicago 's
    South Side. The Chicago Reporter coverage describes the devastating health and
    environmental costs in Chicago 's low income communities of color.
  • Police taser use is up. A report shows that Chicago police have
    their taser use. The Chicago Reporter
    investigated taser abuse by correction officers and called for more accountability.
  • Chicago 's U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez said it's ok to rescind part of
    the 14th amendment that grants automatic citizenship to U.S.
    born-children of foreign born parents... as long as it includes Republican
    elected officials.


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  • Why would we be surprised to here this.Who was on the oversight commitee when this happened in the first place.Look this is not a partison issue.Both sides of the isle are dirty in this one.Why isn';t there a criminal investigation into this? looj at who would chair this ,politicians.How do you think
    we got into this.Who's gunna run our health care????

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