Daley stands by TIF use, won't use money to save schools

Last week, support grew for dispersing Chicago TIF funds to aid the struggling city budget and prevent more cuts to Chicago Public Schools. Yesterday, Mayor Richard M. Daley defended TIFs intended use, including improvements to public transportation hubs like Chicago's Morgan Street Station that houses CTA's green and pink lines.


  • In education reform debate, people are quick to point the finger at teachers, unions, and public schools, but often ignore poverty as the source of kids' achievement shortages.
  • Is the media responsible for hate crimes that stem from coverage of the "ground zero mosque" opposition?  There are reports this week of an unprovoked stabbing of a Muslim cab driver in New York and incidents of mosque vandalism.
  • How will President Obama's health care reform be implemented for those previously unable to afford insurance? As states like California set up healthcare exchanges, advocates in Illinois push for regulations to keep plans accessible and costs down.
  • Chicago schools will receive an additional $100 million in federal money that can save at least 400 Chicago teachers' jobs, but the teachers' union says they want a guarantee that with the new money, CPS will reinstate all the 1,000 or more laid-off teachers.
  • What happens in Arizona doesn't stay in Arizona. Anti-Latino hate crime is spreading, according to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • In the 19th and 20th centuries, immigrants would often conform to social norms by changing, and/or Anglicizing their names upon arrival to the U.S., but studies show in today's multicultural society, new immigrants more often stick with their given names.

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