Nursing home reform legislation signed


"This is historic legislation," Gov. Pat Quinn declared before signing into law a major nursing home reform bill Thursday at the James R. Thompson Center.
Among the law's key provisions: an increase during the next four years in
the requirement of daily skilled care per resident from 2.5 hours to
3.8 hours.

In its July/August 2009 issue, The Chicago Reporter
found that Illinois has the most poorly rated black nursing homes in
the country. At that point, more than 60 percent of the state's 51
facilities where the majority of residents were black received the lowest possible rating from the federal government. Lower staffing
levels in majority-black homes than in majority-white facilities
contributed to the poor rankings.

The Reporter looked at the data
in late June 2010, finding that Illinois was one of nine states in the
country where there were no top-rated nursing homes in which the
majority of residents were black.

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