New poll shows Obama's job performance at 43 percent among Latinos

A new poll shows that while Hispanics largely favor the Democratic Party, only 43 percent think President Barack Obama is doing an adequate job of addressing their needs, according to The Huffington Post.

Also in the news...
  • Amy B. Dean, a well-known labor advocate, spoke up on The Huffington Post about the longtime disputes between SEIU and UNITE HERE, and why this is both good and bad for organized labor unions.
  • Among Chicago's trigger-happy neighborhoods remains a "no-snitch" code, giving little help to Chicago police who investigate shootings, according to a Chicago Sun-Times special analysis.
  • President Obama's Race to the Top challenge grant program will divide $4.35 billion among the country's leading education reform states. Illinois ranked fifth in the first round, and was named today as one of the finalists along with 19 other states. At stake: $400 million for Illinois' education system, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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