Latino youth speak out against Arizona immigration law

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This weekend, organizers from the Chicago-based student group Immigrant Youth Justice League took their message of "undocumented and unafraid" back to the streets, this time in Pilsen, to protest Arizona's newest immigration law.

"It's something that's never been seen before," the group's founding member José Herrera told The Chicago Reporter, "youth coming out and saying their legal status without being afraid of what's going to happen next."

The rally was a show of solidarity with Phoenix demonstrators, who gathered to protest SB1070, the controversial new Arizona law that gives police the broad authority to do immigration status checks. Members of the Immigrant Youth Justice League and other local organizations sponsored the Pilsen march to voice opposition over the measure, which they say legalizes the sort of racial profiling that the Reporter exposed in the March 2009 investigation, "Driving While Latino."

"This is just one action, that we are starting here today in Chicago, that will lead to several other actions," Herrera said in a speech preceded by fellow speakers, Hugo an undocumented student and member of the Immigrant Youth Justice League, Cristóbal Cavazos of Immigrant Solidarity DuPage and Shelly Ruzicka of Arise Chicago. Click through to watch:

--Catherine Newhouse
Photo by Steve Newhouse

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