If Chicago's West and South sides were their own cities, they'd be the deadliest and most violent in America

Collectively, according to a Chicago Reporter analysis, Chicago's 11th and 15th police districts on the West Side had a higher murder rate last year than New Orleans, the nation's deadliest city in 2009. Meanwhile, on the South Side, collectively, the 6th and 7th districts had a higher rate of violent crime than St. Louis, the nation's leading city for violent crime per capita in 2009.

In 2009, the 6th, 7th, 11th and 15th police districts had the four highest murder rates, among Chicago's 25 police districts. Those districts were also home to four of the city's five highest rates of violent crime.

PoliceDistrictMurderRateMap2.jpgIn In 2009, the 11th district--which includes West Garfield Park, most of East Garfield Park and portions of Austin, the Near West Side and North Lawndale--recorded 55 murders. It was the highest one-year total for any district in the city since the 11th district tallied 57 murders in 2003. The collective murder rate for the 11th and 15th police districts--about 54 murders per 100,000 residents--was higher than the 51 per 100,000 recorded for New Orleans, the nation's leader.

On the South Side, the 6th district--which includes most of Auburn Gresham and Chatham and portions of Greater Grand Crossing and Roseland--logged more than 2,700 incidents of violent crime in 2009. It was the first time in more than a decade that a police district other than the 7th district led the city in violent crime. The 7th district, which sits just north of the 6th district and includes most of Englewood and West Englewood and portions of Greater Grand Crossing, ranked second in 2009. Collectively, the rate of violent crime in those two districts topped 2,750 incidents per 100,000 residents, about 700 more incidents per 100,000 than St. Louis, which led the nation in 2009.

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  • To level the playing field, you should be comparing these rates with the most dangerous districts from New Orleans, St. Louis, etc (i.e. how does Garfield Park compare to the Lower Ninth Ward in NOLA). Not to downplay the violent crime in these areas, but what you're doing here is apples to oranges, and slightly misleading.

  • In reply to bhack:

    Thanks for your comment, bhacke. You make a good point. The 11th & 15th districts on the West Side and the 6th & 7th districts on the South Side are the most affected parts of Chicago, in terms of homicide and violent crime, respectively. Comparing them to the most affected parts of New Orleans and St. Louis would be more suitable to determine the neighborhoods or communities affected most by murder and violent crime. However, I offered the comparisons to New Orleans and St. Louis as a whole to make a statement about the level of homicide and violent crime in those particular parts of Chicago more so than to establish the deadliest or most violent neighborhoods or cities.

    However, it should be noted that those two parts of Chicago (the 11th & 15th districts on the West Side and the 6th & 7th districts on the South Side) are relatively large areas that encompass several neighborhoods. The combined population of those four police districts is 352,000--slightly more than New Orleans and about the same as St. Louis.

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    In reply to AldenLoury:

    City of Chicago is different than those cities you mention because poor black people make up the brunt of murder victims everywhere! So statistics don't matter to people trying to live every day. Chicago I believe is the most desperate city to live in if your poor and black. Middle class blacks which those cities don't have to the exstint that Chicago has. The difference between Chicago and say St louis is that you may be a lower class black and escape violence. In chicago the violence is centered in the poor minority areas. While if your a middle class black you may not deal with much at all. Anyone can tell you that has lived there. Chicago is two cities.

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    In reply to Troy Jacskson:

    In addition one city is scared to shoot, and the other is scared not to!!

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    In reply to AldenLoury:

    chicago got as many thugs as new orleans and st louis combined. no comparison. You can't compare NYC to Mississippi. It may be a fairer comparison, but grandma is not nice in Chicago. just look at the character of people getting killed in Chicago. No one really expects to live that long.

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    Its a shame that us as a race meaning us black folks want get along we need too open our eyes and see that if he can do it i can do it ,dont worry bout the next person and worry bout yourself if we can see it aint the white man the excuss i here all the time and notice its us you then we can get ahead.We as a race should have learned from our grandparents if they can make it through the times of racism then we should have adapted and tried too make it the best way we can .Children stay in school respect yourself and others around you then you can get somewhere .A gun dont end anything it create more problems for u and your surrondings meaning family members.Lets end all this hatred and stand together not as black,white,hispanic,and be as one AMERICAN CITIZENS and i guarantee we should solve a lot of things happening today in this world.

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