Interfaith Worker Justice's new reader

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People seeking to learn more about workers' current situation and relationship with organized religion have a valuable new resource: Interfaith Worker Justice's A Worker Justice Reader: Essential Writings on Religion and Labor.

Edited by Joy Heine, the book contains an introduction by Kim Bobo, the organization's founder and the author of Wage Theft in America.

The dedication reads as follows:

"This worker justice reader is dedicated to workers.  It is a compilation of some of the best writings on work, labor, and economics, incorporating religious perspectives.  The authors of those works are the people who have stood in solidarity with workers, have put workers struggles into words or have reflected theologicallly on work.  It is a work in progress."

The reader asserts that workers are in crisis, and that they can draw on the hundreds of years of collaboration between religious organizations and labor to meet the current challenge.

Individual chapters focus on the state of working America, religion and labor history, theology and the ethics of work, and the religion-labor movement today.

The conclusion contains a list of actions people can take to be in solidarity with workers.  


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