Are stimulus numbers accurate?

Controversy is brewing over federal statistics detailing the number of local jobs saved by the stimulus package. According to a recent analysis by the Chicago Tribune, some of the numbers just don't add up. In particular:
-    The feds reported that 473 teachers' jobs were saved in North Chicago. The district only employs 290 teachers.
-    The feds reported 665 full-time jobs were saved in Kankakee County School District 111. The district has a total of 600 full- and part-time workers.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out the discrepancies on a national level.

More Chicago muckraking:
Chicago taxpayers paid $37 million more--or five percent extra--in property taxes than what was projected in last year's budget, according to this week's Chicago Reader. Last November, the City of Chicago projected it would spend $796.9 million in property tax money and in fact spent $833.9 million, according to the report.

-- Compiled by Christopher Danzig and Jeff Biertzer

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