Watchdog finds most rape kits ignored

Human rights watchdog Sarah Tofte raises serious concerns about the number of rape kits tested by the Illinois State Police crime lab.

In her investigative report, which appeared October 9 on The Huffington Post, Tofte writes: "While we believe that Chicago sends every rape kit to the state crime lab, there are serious questions about what happens then."

In response to Tofte's public records request, the Illinois State Police tracked the number of DNA sexual assault cases that were sent to them by the Chicago Police Department and the number where DNA testing actually occurred.

The results: In 2007, most cases were never tested. Of the 835 cases sent to the state police, only 388, or 46 percent, were tested. Testing increased the next year when 57 percent of the cases were tested, or 685 of the 1,211 cases sent that year.

Do you know anyone who has had experience with this? What happened to them? Did their rapist get convicted?


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