Read Dane Erbach's winning #sixwordstory

Read Dane Erbach's winning #sixwordstory

Yesterday we asked readers to come up with a six word story using the word, "anomaly" as part of a new daily contest. Read the winning story from January 23rd, 2014 below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next #sixwordstory contest. 



Dane Erbach 

"Anomaly...answered..." she sighed, then expired.

A little more about Dane Erbach: 

Dane Erbach is a writer and high school teacher from Chicago’s northwest suburbs. When he isn’t chasing his toddler son around with his wife or obsessing about music, he’s wrestling with his writing. He is currently studying writing at DePaul University.

(Image courtesy of Dane Erbach)

(Image courtesy of Dane Erbach)

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