Dreams: a new submissions cycle

Dreams: a new submissions cycle
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Dreams are something all of us have in common, but not everyone has the pleasure of remembering them the next morning. However, there are some dreams that are impossible to forget, dreams we may have a hard time separating from reality. Have you ever felt totally bummed after waking up because your dream was too good to be true, and you were convinced it was real, only to find out you were just asleep? Or have you ever forced yourself to wake up because you did not like the images playing out in your head and how they made you feel?

There are those dreams that can leave us shaking once we have awoken, sometimes even in tears because it was too painful, or even too joyful and we wish we could make it our reality. Writing about dreams can be tricky, but we want to hear about those dreams that blurred the lines of reality, the ones you can distinctly remember the images and what it felt like to be there even after waking up.

From now until February 24th we'll be collecting submissions based on dreams.

Essays and short stories must not exceed 2,000 words. Poetry is accepted in batches of three.

To submit to us, simply click the link under our, "Listed at Duotrope" stamp and above our, "Meet the Blogger" stamp. We can't wait to see what you dream up!


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