Six books to get you in the mood for Inside Llewlyn Davis

The Gaslight. Odetta. Cafe Wha. Woody Guthrie worship. Fingerpicking songs.

Greenwich Village was the place to be in the 60s. This cozy little bohemian neighborhood occupied the American imagination just as the rose colored glasses of the 50s were being removed and the public backlash began against Joe McCarthy and his minions. Hordes of the nation's youth descended upon the tiny village, with guitars and scrolls of poetry in hand, trying to grasp onto the quiet revolution that was overtaking the collective consciousness. The minute, melting-pot of a village saw the birth of one of the world's greatest musicians and is embedded in the history of the world as a mythical, artistic paradise, not unlike Paris in the 20s.

With Inside Llewlyn Davis opening next Friday, nostalgia towards that era is being stirred up again, and rightfully so. I took the time and composed a list of six books to help transport you back to that mystical time. Check them out in the gallery and be sure to buy them for yourself or any other Greenwich Village-60s-folk-scene-fanatic!


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