A letter from the editor

It is so easy to write someone off when they do something you don't like or understand. It is so easy to trivialize the complexities of human nature like picking out ham at a goddamned deli counter. But the people I want to know are the people who ask the larger questions, and take the time to learn and explore and not just cop to the herd instinct. I want to know the weird people, I want to know the people who aren't satisfied with the surface details, but who are always willing to divulge. I want to know the people brave enough to make the unpopular decision and stick with it, and I want to know why they do it. I want to know the people with intuition and awareness of human frailty. I want to meet all the people who egregiously wear all their true feelings--all the feelings that make us uncomfortable--on their sleeve, and I want to look them straight in the eye. I don't want a pedantic, disingenuous world for another moment. I would rather be gutted like a fish than poisoned insidiously. I want truth, I want honesty, I want guts and bravery and emotion--raw and real. That's what I want.

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