Three Poems by Bill Yarrow

Three Poems by Bill Yarrow
(Image courtesy of Bill Yarrow)

Three Poems 


Bill Yarrow



what I remember most was how dark it was

at two in the morning and how angry the air

was at two in the morning and the sound of

sobbing in the trees at two in the morning

and how at two in the morning I had no mind


my time was not one afternoon not one

river not one tunnel not one failing

it was not one humiliation not one baldness

it was not one body it was not one climate

it was not one of anything


my residence was a rain of speculation

and self-doubt a shower over months

of distance from everything the world had

to offer you and you had to offer the world


when I landed I was frightened

but not unhappy I was apprehensive

but not reluctant the land took away

my fear but it also took away my need

I was left with a hanging appetite


denial spoke refusal to motive

the volatile earth was angry at unhappiness’ lack of shame

abandon was a foul argument I didn’t have the energy to win




aspirin and Band-Aids in baggies

astronauts with flags on their swimsuits

addicts with raging colitis

none of the above


blandishment heaped upon Girl Scouts

board games invented by florists

beachcombers drunk at the drive-in

none of the above


magnets left in a chapel

manatees shunted in tunnels

mystics sedated with sulfur

none of the above


wellness empowered by ampoules

weather defended by dancers

whimsy unharnessed to outlook

none of the above





in Gurnee

watching the attacks

on television



in Seville

the plaza filled

with hooded men holding scourges



in the sun room

contemplating the clematis

as it climbs the garage



opposite the cathedral

contemplating God

in all His disguises.


one day I will take you

to Grenada

and you will see

how beautiful the Alhambra is



Bill Yarrow is the author of Pointed Sentences, a full-length collection of poems published by BlazeVOX in 2012 and two chapbooks--Wrench published by Erbacce Press in 2009 and Fourteen, published by Naked Mannekin Press in 2011. He has been published in many print and online journals including Poetry InternationalPANKThrushDIAGRAM,Contrary, and RHINO. He is a Professor of English at Joliet Junior College where he teaches creative writing, film, and Shakespeare, all online. Two chapbooks (Twenty from MadHat Press and Incompetent Translations and Inept Haikufrom Červená Barva Press) are forthcoming in 2013.


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