The Read/Write Library & the Self Preservation Series present Junk Drawer TONIGHT at 7pm

The Read/Write Library & the Self Preservation Series present Junk Drawer TONIGHT at 7pm
(Image courtesy of Chicago Publishers Resource Center)

Everyone has a junk drawer, which is why tonight as part of the Read/Write Library & the Self Preservation SeriesEric Bartholomew is leading a workshop dedicated to the mysterious nature of it. Ranging from the mundane to the nostalgic, and sometimes, just downright bizarre a junk drawer can say a lot about a person. What does yours say about you? Press release after the jump.


A junk drawer is a space for random things, things that don’t really have a place. They defy standard forms of categorization and organization - yet by designating a space as a junk drawer, it’s assigned a category of randomness. Maybe your junk drawer started as a miscellaneous series in your collection of kitchenware, or maybe it formed on its own, simply by having accumulated odds & ends over time. If you think about it, can you actually categorize your junk drawer contents pretty easily? Doesn't that make you feel a little better? Be free to have some things be left unorganized. Not to worry about them, but just to say – it’s okay, they’re in the junk drawer. That’s where they belong, at least for now.

In Self Preservation’s latest escapade, Eric Bartholomew will lead a workshop on the nature of junk drawers and their contents. And you can participate! Do you have a favorite junk drawer item? Bring it in and we’ll explore and write about it. Join us at 7pm on July 24 at the Chicago Publishers Resource Center, 858 N Ashland Ave. Donations suggested. For more information contact See you there!

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