Red Rover reading series THIS Saturday July 27th at 7pm, don't miss it!

Red Rover Series
{readings that play with reading}
Experiment #65:
Invisible Visible Bodies
7pm / doors lock 7:30pm
Amanda Ackerman
Toby Altman
Emily Barton
Suzanne Scanlonat Outer Space Studio
1474 N. Milwaukee Ave
suggested donation $4

logistics --
near CTA Damen blue line
third floor walk up
not wheelchair accessible

AMANDA ACKERMAN is the author of four chapbooks: Sin is to Celebration (co-author, House Press), The Seasons Cemented (Hex Presse), I Fell in Love with a Monster Truck (Insert Press Parrot #8), and Short Stones (Dancing Girl Press).   She is co-publisher and co-editor of the press eohippus labs.  She also writes collaboratively as part of the projects SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS and UNFO.  Her book The Book of Feral Flora is forthcoming from Les Figues press.

TOBY ALTMAN is the author of the chapbook Asides (Furniture Press, 2012). His poems can/will be found in The Offending Adam, Gigantic Sequins, Bodega, The Mackinac, Rhino, and other journals. He is co-founder of Damask Press and co-curator of the Absinthe and Zygote series.

EMILY BARTON  grew up in Michigan and is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at New York University, where she serves as the Managing Editor for Washington Square Review. She lives in Brooklyn.

SUZANNE SCANLON is the author of the novel Promising Young Women (Dorothy, 2012). New work is forthcoming in Spoliaand Make Magazine; her fiction has appeared in The Iowa Review, Pank, DIAGRAM, and many other places. She teaches at Columbia College.

**Upcoming**AUGUST 10
Experiment #66:
Elizabeth Marino, Timothy David Rey & NewTown WritersRed Rover Series is curated by Laura Goldstein and Jennifer Karmin. Each  event is designed as a reading experiment with participation by local, national, and international writers, artists, and performers.  Founded  in 2005 by Amina Cain and Jennifer Karmin, the over sixty events have  featured a diversity of renowned creative minds.Email ideas for reading experiments
to us at redroverseries@yahoogroups.comThe schedule for events is listed at

Red Rover Series
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--Jennifer Karmin

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