The Top Five F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Stories to Read To Keep Your Gatsby Buzz

The Top Five F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Stories to Read To Keep Your Gatsby Buzz

If you've read (or re-read) The Great Gatsby and seen the cinematic adaptation(s), chances are you're probably hankering to keep riding your jazz age literary hangover, but where to go from here?

I've got you covered, old sport!



The Ice Palace

Poor Sally Carrol Happer! In this fish-out-of-water story, a southern belle is seduced by a yankee and moves up north, only to find there's no place like home.




The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

One cannot help but note the differences between Fitzgerald's original text and David Fincher's sumptuous 2008 film. I love both. Clocking in at 13 pages, Fitzgerald's book is a quick and thought provoking read that also manages to be funny.





Verisimilitude means the appearance of being true or real. Verisimilitude is also the underlining theme in this short story. We are introduced to Rudolph Miller, Father Schwartz and Rudolph's abusive father, Carl. Your mind will be blown by this hidden gem.


O Russet Witch


O Russet Witch!

This is my absolute favorite by far. I read it once or twice a year. It's luscious, entertaining, funny and above all--sensual--this short story will slay you.




Babylon Revisited

Poignant and still relevant, Babylon Revisited tells the story of a man fighting against his in-laws over the well-being of his child. The short story was the inspiration for the 1954 MGM film, The Last Time I Saw Paris starring Van Johnson and Elizabeth Taylor.


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