My journey to Chicago Literati

I fell into writing as I do into everything else I enjoy, by suggestion.  Since I was around three, I had planned to be a doctor, but as elementary school went on, I began to realize that it wasn’t as neat as ER made it out to be and that I didn’t want to be expected to save the lives of others day after day.

It was my best friend Lydia’s mother who suggested that I become a reporter. I was eight then and she was the most respected  adult in my life who wasn’t apart of my family so I took her word for it. She explained to me I had all that I needed, except the training that I could gain in college: a great deal of curiosity, the observation skills and a love of words. My grandmother had always hoped I would get into writing because I had been creating stories since before I could read.

Throughout my middle and high school career, writing classes enchanted me.  I am not sure if it was because of the discussions or the books we read but next to study hall and recess, these were my favorite parts of the day.  I spent most of my awkward middle school years sitting in the back of the library making up stories with my friends while everyone else was outside enjoying the weather. We made notebooks and notebooks of what could be considered fan fiction and sketch comedy, only we didn’t know the word for it then.

My high school didn’t really have a lot of creative writing options, but we did read a lot of literature that meant a great deal. It was through these stories; I saw the beauty of writing. My love of words and stories pleased my parents. My dad took me to Borders every week after he would return from golfing and we would spend hours there, looking through books and talking about them.  In my senior year of High school, the same friends I sat in the library and made believe with, made a spoof television show called Galapagos. We were all movie and television junkies at the time so it was not a stretch for us.  My friend Nina said she would edit it, but it’s been four years and I still haven’t seen it.

I came to DePaul from my hometown of St. Louis, hoping to fall into a community much different from the one I left. I had always been interested in writing and film and after about a dozen major switches in the course of the first few years of school, I decided on journalism, the suggestion of Ms. Jackson.  Although most of journalism is hard facts and quick reporting, I fell in love with feature writing, thanks to my professor Amy Merrick. Feature writing allowed me to explore the sights and sounds of the scene, along with the facts.

So that brings me to now. Graduation had been closing in on me for a few months and so I began to search the Internet for opportunities and when I ran into this one, I sent an excited email to the address at the bottom of the advertisement and met with the editor in chief later that week. I was pleased to be accepted onto the staff because it was community that I came to Chicago for, and what better community than the literary one.


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