The Ray's Tap Reading Series presents "Manners, Please" This Saturday, March 16th at Prop Thtr

The Ray's Tap Reading Series presents "Manners, Please" This Saturday, March 16th at Prop Thtr


"I believe the knowledge of the rules of living in our society makes us more comfortable...[although] some of the rudest and most objectionable people I have ever known have been technically the most correct." Amy Vanderbilt 1952

"No Drink, No Piss. And don't piss on my fucking steps. Go in the alley if you have to go." Ray Javers 2007

The Ray's Tap Reading Series presents "Manners Please: A show about Manners, Etiquette and Politeness and what other words might be out there to describe how we should behave and interact with each other and how we actually do. Armed with a variety of source materials on the subject, an amazing group of Chicago writers and artists are going to be presenting their thoughts.

The Ray's Tap Reading does not respect your time but it only happens twice a year and another thing, you can come and go as you please, and there will be a bar.

Featuring the work of: Martha Bayne, Brian Nemtusak, Robin Cline, Ian Belknap, Mason Johnson, Dave Synder in tandem with Naomi Washer, Matt Test, Megan Larmer, Daniel Shapiro, Randall Colburn, Margaret Chapman, Chris Schoen and the music of Tijuana Hercules. The show will also feature some out of town work from Mark Chrisler and Tim Racine. The show is hosted and curated by Chris Bower.

Saturday March 16th at the Prop Thtr (3502 N. Elston) at 9 PM. Show will most likely not start until 9:30 but there is a bar so feel free to come early.

The show is 15 dollars or-pay-what-you-can. All proceeds go to the artists.

The attached poster is by Susie Kirkwood. ( The illustrations that she used to make the poster came from one of the source materials the readers used to make their work. They are by Joe Eula and you should check out his fashion illustrations because they are really cool.

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