Sending Love To THE URBANESS, A Great Chicago Website

THE URBANESS is my new favorite website.

Exclusive content and interviews are showcased and are easily accessible due to the site's sleek design. The mission of THE URBANESS is simple:

The Urbaness is powered by the creative minds at Urbaness Media, LLC. Call it a Chicago guide or call it a love letter, The Urbaness celebrates—in photos, in-depth interviews, and advice from area experts—the spirit and community that set the Windy City in a class all its own. Our mission is a simple one: To inspire adventure, incite curiosity, and embolden the city girl to seek the world outside her door.

The masthead's love of the city reveals itself down to the smallest details, and they're always working to make you see Chicago through new eyes. Their loyalty to their readers undoubtedly propels their success. It's a wonderful website that will make you happy every time you visit it:



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