"A Few Good Reasons To Keep Your Old Records" Recordabowls

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A Few Good Reasons to Keep Your Old Records


CHICAGO-For music lovers and artists alike, Recordabowls Art offers a creative approach to collecting records while giving to charity.

Recordabowls are traditional records melted into various bowl and platter shapes. The objective of the company is to donate profits to organizations dedicated to saving and restoring music education programs in American public schools.

The product is a concept that five students conceived during their entrepreneurship class at Columbia College Chicago. The idea was to combine music and charity by converting legendary records into affordable home décor starting at $10. Prices may vary depending on customized requests.

"Many people suffer from not having an awesome creative bowl for their coffee table and we enable them to showcase their music styles with inventive, vintage art,” says Allison Bodnar Jaros, of Recordabowls Art. “More importantly, communities and individuals suffer when music is removed from the schools.”

The company uses  donated and/or vintage records. Recordabowls Art also encourages customers to bring their old records to be designed into bowls or platters instead of allowing them to collect dust. With educational institutions across the United States eliminating music education from their budgets, purchasing a Recordabowl is a way to obtain unique treasures and donate to a valuable cause.

Recordabowls Art strives to engage the public to become active in salvaging music education in this country. Recordabowls can be purchased on the company’s PayPal account via their Facebook page: facebook.com/recordabowls.


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