2nd Story at Revolution Brewery Featuring An Unlimited Tasting of Food & Craft Beers (March 24th at 6pm)

2nd Story at Revolution Brewery Featuring An Unlimited Tasting of Food & Craft Beers  (March 24th at 6pm)

2nd Story at Revolution Brewery

March 24, 2013

Doors open at 6 pm, unlimited tasting of food and craft beers from 6-8 pm.

at Revolution Brewery

2323 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

 Join us in the Brewer's Lounge at Revolution Brewery for an evening of our some of our favorite stories, by some of our favorite tellers, about one of our favorite subjects: Family.  Darwyn Jones will spin a tale about truth and lies in the family dynamic, Margaret Marion will share her story about sisterly love (and competition), and CP Chang will meditate on the search for faith and religion in a relationship.  All that story greatness against a backdrop of two hours of tasting of Revolution's signature beers and tasty food.  How can you resist?

Curated by Amanda Delheimer Dimond.

Ticket price includes 2 hours of unlimited tasting of Revolution's signature food and brews!

The Storytellers

CP Chang

CP Chang

CP Chang is a writer and software consultant who has been drawn back to Chicago after having moved away from the city three different times in his adult life. There are always greener pastures elsewhere, but Chicago beckons him back. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Hair Trigger, artisan, Upstairs at Duroc (via the Paris Writers Workshop), Atlanta Review, on Nerve.com, on wordriot.org, and in the anthologies My Angels and Demons at War, Open to Interpretation, and Chicago: An Immigrant City. He was an Associate Producer for Elephant Rock Productions, which produced a series of educational videos on the art and business of writing. CP Chang received his M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from Columbia College of Chicago.


Margaret Marion

Margaret Marion

Formerly a high school poetry-club president, Margaret debuted with 2nd Story at the "All in the Family Show" the day before Thanksgiving, 2011. She is currently a social work student at the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration, and a youth worker at Gary Comer Youth Center.



Darwyn Jones

Darwyn’s fiction has appeared in Windy City Times, Hair Trigger, and the anthologies, SIN and Grimm and Grimmer. His more blurby writings have found their way into Chicago’s entertainment websitemetromix.com and the Not For Tourists Guidebook to Chicago. When allowed, he reads aloud, usually with 2nd Story and Reading Under Influence (RUI). If you see him out and about, that means he isn’t at home writing, which means he probably hasn’t reached his word quota for the day. You should mention this to him.


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