Short Stories for One Dollar apiece at "One Dollar Stories"

Short Stories for One Dollar apiece at "One Dollar Stories"

Short Stories for One Dollar apiece. This fair exchange rate is the business model for One Dollar Stories (, an independent enterprise that currently has a 12 story catalog for sale in Chicago, New York City, Texas, Indiana and the internet ( With subjects from summer romance to strip clubs, hunting trips to homelessness, skateboarding to sweet teeth, Dollar Stories offer a variety of upper-echelon fiction from a variety of male and female young writers. Any of these realistic, contemporary works provide a great introduction to the series, for sale as beautifully bound, pocket sized hard copies that make one look more attractive while reading them and ebooks that can tide one over should a particular hard copy be temporarily sold out at a dealership.

Galen DeKemper and Peter Cavanaugh are the co-owners of this growing company, which see the stories turning into cash as fast as printers allow. The two began self-publishing their own work as an alternative to the limited life cycle of magazine fiction and the ways in which literary journals often provide an overwhelming amount of reading options. Each story shines through its own merits, which makes the act of paying token money for quality literature very palatable. Once possessed, Dollar Stories act can act as business cards, date proposals, stocking stuffers and comfort in times of loneliness.  Dollar Stories is proud to boast 100% customer satisfaction, with over 1000 satisfied readers, while realizing that there are still billions of humans who have yet to experience the magic of Dollar Stories. To this end, Dollar Stories is working harder than ever to expand distribution and catalog, while never forsaking the commitment to the highest grade short fiction that every reader deserves. The New York Times has called Dollar Stories "intriguing" and we encourage all curious Chicagoans to purchase our stories from Uprise Skate Shop, Quimby's Book Shop and ebooks from our page
We also are always accepting submissions for stories in the 3000-4000 word range at

We have twitter @dollarstories

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