Poem the News: An Original Way to Interpret the News! (via CBS Chicago)

Everyone interprets the news.

Major media outlets ranging from CNN, Fox and even Kabletown Comcast/NBC devote their time to pontificating current events. Every TV personality shares an opinion about whether or not the sequester is a good idea or not, or why Anne Hathaway wore a gown that looked like an apron with nipples. In a way, even Ryan Seacrest interprets the news (when he is not frosting his spiky hair.) Everyone interprets the news, even you my friend, and Mason Johnson wants to hear your interpretations. Your poetic interpretations!

Each week, Mason Johnson gathers submissions for Poem the News! The cycle begins on Monday and ends on Friday. Today is Wednesday, which leaves you with two more days to poem the news. If you don't do it this week, there's always next week and the week after, etc.

Here is the link so you can get cracking:


Here's where you can submit:

Mason (dot) Johnson (at) CBSradio (dot) com.




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