A Promise To The Community

Today I shared with you an exclusive interview with Nami Mun. In the interview, Mun talks about her volunteer work with such organizations as The Night Ministry, Literature For All Of Us, and the Neighborhood Writing Alliance. Like Chicago Literati, these organizations have made a promise to the community.

Mun alerted me to the fact that these organizations get lost in the shuffle, despite their incredible efforts. I've provided some more information about each organization below. I hope you'll consider donating whatever you can to these wonderful organizations.

The Night Ministry (www.thenightministry.org) 

"The Night Ministry is a Chicago-based organization that works to offer housing, healthcare and human connection to members of the Chicago community struggling with poverty or homelessness. With an open heart and an open mind, we accept people as they are and work to address their immediate needs while affirming their sense of humanity."  (From the website) 

Literature For All Of Us (www.literatureforallofus.org) 

"Literature for All of Us brings the rewards of reading and writing through book group discussions to teen parents and other young people in underserved neighborhoods. We build communities of readers, poets, and critical thinkers. We develop family literacy by providing children’s literature and child development resources to teen parents. We open worlds by opening books." (From the website) 

Neighborhood Writing Alliance (www.jot.org) 

"The Neighborhood Writing Alliance envisions a society where adults connect through creative communities in which writing, discussing, and publishing personal narrative leads to civic engagement, neighborhood vitality, and social transformation."  (From the website) 

These three organizations have made a promise to the community, but they need your help to keep providing their services. Donate any money you can, and please spread the word.


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